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Luca’s Arabic Lesson 6 (Letters writing)

Posted on: March 6, 2010


4 Responses to "Luca’s Arabic Lesson 6 (Letters writing)"

hello Maha, I also live in italy, but I’m half venezuelan and half italian. Anyway, I’m in love with your language and I just discovered you on internet. It has been a very nice and fun surprise, you are so natural and also your husband. You make it very easy, I’ve been trying to learn arabic since almost 1 year, but if I continue with you, I’ll learn faster. I’ve done until lesson #6 with Luca, are there others? and where can I find them? Thank you so much, and hope you have time to read my message. Keep on going, you’re great!!! shukran……

Marhaba maha mam,
Kayfa haluki…mumkeen tamaam..U r doing the fantastic work by updating ur arabic class video,.because of ur class am able to talk little bit of arabic and thanks for that (shukran).
But am facing a some problem,like i know the words in arabic but its very difficult for me to arrange the words to make a sentence.
For example: “‘am in room–ana fi gurfah” but i dont know how to tell the same in past and future tense like ‘i was in room” and ”i may be in room” though i know the words like ”may-mumken” ..so i request you to make one class relating to the three tense past,future n present by giving more examples..like
”this is my car” ”this was my car” this may be mine car in future” etc.,
Hope to get reply soon……..waseef

Bring back Luca please!!! I found it easier to learn when you were teaching him too!

Hello, Maha, i am an indian i like your teaching.can you help me to know the verbs to study, to learn to stay,to speak
thank you……

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