Learn arabic with Maha

My new Arabic Lesson with Nagham

Posted on: November 10, 2010

Things we do in the morning


4 Responses to "My new Arabic Lesson with Nagham"

Dear Maha, your are a lovely teacher. I´ve been following you since months ago. Learn arab is very difficult but you make it fun, my native language is spanish but I also speak english.
I would like very much a lot of things and I hope you can help me.
Your lesson in arabic letters are fantastic and I´ve learn all the letters but I´m unable to read because in arab shorts vowels are not wrtitten, help!!!!! give us hints, please
There is no lesson for the months of the years and I will love a special lessons dedicated for Lebanese words.
Really sorry for Boby
Mabrouk Maha, your work is amazing, always keeps your energy and your smile is very helpful.

Hi Maha,
Ur lessons are so clear n practical, particularly this one on what I did in the morning.keep up the good work.may Allah reward you.

هههههه انتي مقوماها من على السرير على الدرس على طول ؟؟؟؟
حرام عليكي نغم شكلها لسة نايمة

Fantastic work by Maha… learning arabic with fun…. have learnt a lot in short span of time from u… keep it up… love your way of teaching

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