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Goodbye BOBY..

Posted on: November 11, 2010

It was too early Boby, you were only 3 months old. I hope it didn’t hurt when the car hit you, and that you didn’t suffer.

Rest in peace little puppy, we will always love you and you are going to stay in our hearts.

I really miss you now, I missed you yesterday and the day before because you were too far, but now, I’ll miss you more.

We love you and your beautiful peaceful little face.BOBY!

3 Responses to "Goodbye BOBY.."

That’s such a sad news… I know I only saw him in your videos, but I feel sorry for what happened. A big hug!

salam maha
u don’t know me but i’m one of ur student
just whant to send u a big huggggg. don’t be so sad, those things hapens and it’s always bad moments but everythings gonna be alrights. make u forget by living ur life. byby

I fell so sad now. 😦 I am sorry for what happen. Heres a big hug! [hugs]

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