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Come fare la MUGHRABIYYEH :)

Posted on: January 21, 2011


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Thanks Maha! It looks pretty good! But I was ready to learn some more ARABIC words, maybe the same recipe but with Arabic ingredients and instructions… :((
I’ve watched very carefully ALL your videos both in English and Italian but I need some new suff!!! I miss it!! Lots of love! xxxx
michela, miki for friends

Hello Maha,
I discovered you on you tube today. I am an american living in Abu Dhabi, UAE and want to learn Arabic. My question is: do you offer one-on-one tutoring via video chat?

I am on facebook; my profile pic includes my Jaleem wife, Cora, lol (see I learned a word from your video!)

Thank you,

Michael Hinton

mi mandi la ricetta per iscritto?

love your videos maha, but post more lots more arabic.
love you lots your great!

I have some arabic i want to know like:
I’m busy, I have to go to…., who is on the phone?
what are you doing?
and more sentances to learn is cool lol

I was waiting for your new Arabic video lessons for SO LONG!!!
The last videos were nice but….. NO ARABIC AT ALL!!!
So I’m a little sad and disappointed, but I’m still wainting….
Miss them a lot! Why not leaving the same videos (I know you’re always very busy!) but with some Arabic words and sentences…
PLEASE…. I can’t wait to learn some more Arabic staff very soon!
Thanks! Ma’a salama jamila!!! michela

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