Learn arabic with Maha

Just back from Thailand

Posted on: February 26, 2011

Preparing new Arabic/Hebrew and Italian lessons for you!:):)

stay tuned!

Maha :):)


9 Responses to "Just back from Thailand"

Dear Maha ,

You are so talented ,I watched your Arabic lessons and it was so useful .Please add more and more lesson in arabic language from beginning to advance .I should be in spoken arabic not the formal arabic

Hi Maha,

I’m from India, and know hindi english and punjabi languages.
However, am an avid follower of your youtube videos – i don’t know arabic, but like to watch your videos where you teach Arabic to Italian.

2 things
1. How do you like this music? “Malek Jandali Yafa” – search on youtube if haven’t heard

2. How can I make some Indian chicken recipe, and send you the video, so that you can see it?

Hi Maha,

You teach very well and I like your videos! Thank you for posting them. I have a question: I’d like to know how did you become so fluent in italian and hebrew? I am so impressed with your skill and ability. Wow!

Assalamulaikum Madam, Recently i have started following your videos and i found it really interesting and very easy to grasp. Madam Maha you are really a amazing teacher, I pray for your health and wish to see a lot more from your side.i seek ur attention and reply…Jazakillah

HI!!! maha can you please help me with Arabic Writing?
i i speak spanish and fluent in english as well… i know all of the arabic letters including the three vowels and i know their form in the begining in the midlle and in the end as well (from watching your videos)… anyways… my question is… (i hope im clear enough)…. how do you write in arabic? not the shape of the letters but the actual word… for Example: if i write “hello” and i get my H,E,L,L,O from the arabic alphabet that would still be considered English just in the arabic form… therefore arabic ppl wouldnt be able to understand it since the word for hello is “marhaban” i believe… so i think i would have to get again the M,A,R,H,A,B,A,N all from the arabic alphabet, put them together… then arabic people would be able to read “marhaban” and would understand what i wrote… Do you get my point?… (i hope so) so how do you learn to write words in arabic that mean something in arabic??!!!! i really need help!! any sites, resources? i have tried the arabic keyboards, but they are no help because they can put a word together but not the right word since i dont know arabic in the English form… 😥 please help!! thanks!

i tried to post this on youtube but it was more then 500 letters… sorry.. and thank you again! you are a GREAT teacher 😀


I think it’s very good that you learn out languages, especially the semitic languages. You seem to know a lot about the hebrew and arabic language, but do you know any aramaic? I think that the aramaic alphabet is even closer to the hebrew alphabet than the arabic one, I know it because I am an aramaic speaker. It would be cool if you also could learn out aramaic too, if you can. There are 2 different dialects of the aramaic language, western and eastern. I speak western. There is of course another dialect, the closest dialect of aramaic that Jesus spoke, and it is being spoken ONLY in a village in Syria, maaloula! Anyways, just want to say it’s a very good thing u do to learn out languages, I hope people appreciate it!

Btw it’s not my mail!

Non sapevo, dove iscrivere per chiederti le altre undici categorie del plurale irregolare in arabo che ci avevi promesso, ti ho scritto qua grazie per i tuoi video.

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