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Hi everybody! مرحباً
My name is Maha مها and i’m going to dedicate this blog on teaching you Modern Standard Arabic اللغة العربية الفصحى ! yes, standard! the language you can see in newspapers, books and arabic tv channels! not the dialect one!
with Standard Arabic you are sure to speak the official language that is taught at schools and can be understood by all Arabs.
so, i hope i’ll be helpfull in your learning process.



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hi Maha,

hw r u ,,,ur arabic teaching is good ….u go little bit slow n repeat the letters n words thrice alteast. & send me the lessons frm 1 to 10 [if u have ] coz am facing problems while learning it gets stop in between ..so plzzz send me ur lesson via email id to [ swapd19@yahoo.co.in ]
thank you [ sukran ]

awaititng for ur reply

Swapnil [ swap ]

hi MAHA there is no doubt that you are one of the best teachers i have known in the WEB. beside you are very beautiful and a good presenter. i would appreciate if you can send me your first 12 lessions via this mail adress. thankyou.

ma as salama …. how r u? u r the best ! …i am watching you video’s youtube! i understand much arabic in a week>>…. thnks alot…. kindly send me your request on facebook and send me your lesson via e-mail id to [ umairalam2007@hotmail.com ]

Hi Maha,

I’ve just spent the last week practicing the alphabet from a book when I found you on Youtube. Your video on the first five letters was very helpful in showing the steps in constructing the letters, something I couldn’t get from the book. And I hadn’t noticed the close similarity of b, t, th, to y/i and n.

Only 23 letters to go! I look forward to your future videos.



سالام يا مها
انا نهاد من المانيا.
انت حلو 🙂
من اين انت
إكتبني في
My parents speak arabic but i wasn´t taught
quite good. So i have to learn it by myself.
I enjoy your lesson. I would learn it much faster, if
i had a sweet arabic girl-friend like you 🙂

Salmik katir

hi maha i am big fan of urs i am sam from canada i would like to learn arabic from you do you go on yahoo messanger if yes then plz add me thanx

Ciao Maha,
mi chiamo Lorenzo e vivo a Roma. Sto cercando di imparare l’Arabo Moderno Standard. Sono proprio all’inizio e vorrei prendere delle lezioni individuali o in classe.

Per caso insegni in qualche scuola o sai consigliarmene qualcuna?

Ti ringrazio e ti saluto


hey maha,,,btw nice name!!! anyways my name is jesus , esa, or isa how ever yu want to say it, im from the UK. its been nice watchin yur videos :)… it had helped me a lot in lerning my own language. i what to ask if you can leave me yur persnol email,, it will be nice to get to know you … secondly i want to know is the arabic eygeptain language the standard arabic?……

thnks again for yur videos ,,, and by the way you have a cute smile ;),,, take care … peace salam

Thank you for your first three posts. I want to learn Arabic and I am collecting information from different places. Do you know any link where I can find more and/or are you planning to put any new material? Shukran 🙂

Assalam Alaikum,
Maha it’s Rashid, Basically i m from pakistan and my origion language is urdu which is quite similar to the arabic that’s why i can read and write arabic but can’t speak and understand .. is not strange..??? now i m in australia from a couple of years and i realy wana learn arabic that i can speak and understand as well.. can you plz give me suggestions regarding this problem and help me out.. i’ll be realy thankful to you…

Dear Maha,

I must say you are doing a really excellent job with those lessons. I am pretty fascinated by Arabic language and got already a little collection of tapes and books teaching Arabic words, conversations or writing. With words and conversations, I could cope until now however reading or writing is a very tuff nut, and I could not crack yet.

I have seen your videos and must say that I think this time with your help, I could make it. This kind of explanations was exactly what I was missing. However, I am missing a part of one video, and I cannot find it. In the part of “how to write all Arabic letters part one” first video ends on you are starting to teach writing the group of letters starting with “alif” and unfortunately this is where it ends abruptly and the part two starts with another group of letters like “S”.

Would you mind sending me the link of the video where you teach writing vowels? I have found the video ” all you need to know about vowels, but I have a feeling that I am missing the writing lesson.

Thank you very much for your help and for doing such a great job.

Best regards,


Sorry Maha I am missing also the group starting with “jeen”

Best regards,


Hello Maha,

I just saw some of your videos and I am interested in the possibility of cooperation and doing some serious work together.

Please feel free to visit our website at: ArabicDialects.com
and contact me at info@arabicdialects.com to discuss the details if interested.



Ciao Maha,
ti prego invia un tuo capello agli scienziati del CERN in modo che appena sia possibile la clonazione umana, si possa creare una quantità infinita di tue repliche perfette.
Ho visto alcuni tuoi video su youtube…Metti allegria solo a guardarti.

Dear Maha,

thank you for the charming way you are teaching the arabic language.

I am already retired and enyou yous lessons very much

eva-beatrix trabesinger

Dear Maha,

thank you for the charming way you are teaching the arabic language.

I am already retired and enyoj your lessons very much

eva-beatrix trabesinger


PANNOLINI LAVABILI, tutta un’altra scelta

Invece di usare i 6.000 pannolini usa&getta realizzati abbattendo 20 grandi alberi e producendo 1 tonnellata di rifiuti da smaltire, che si decompongono in 500 anni, ogni bambino avrà solo 15-20 pannolini di stoffa in tutto!

I pannolini lavabili sono costituiti da fibre che garantiscono la traspirazione. La pelle dei nostri bimbi non resta a contatto con plastica e componenti chimici utilizzati negli usa e getta per garantire la
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Con gli usa e getta spendi circa 1500/2000 euro in tre anni mentre con i lavabili spenderesti tra i 300 e 800 euro. Il risparmio totale per ogni bambino è quantificabile in circa 1.000 – 1.400 euro, a seconda del modello, incluso il costo dell’uso delle lavatrici!

hi maha.
i was wondering what nationality you are ?
i really cant tell if you from an arabic speaking country or italian because you are so good at both languages.

excellent…. inspiring…
and entertaining tooo…

Ciao Maha,

perchè non pensi di dare lezioni di dialetto palestinese? Studio arabo classico da tempo e ora mi sto dedicando al dialetto siro- palestinese. Sarebbe davvero importante non essendoci in Italia molto materiale (soprattutto audio) sui dialetti arabi.

Spero che tu mi possa rispondere presto
Complimenti per il tuo lavoro


Hi Maha,

I just watched many of your videos! I was so excited to find you. You are an amazing teacher. I have been searching for someone who could teach the STANDARD ARABIC Lanuage. I learned (some) Arabic many years ago, with my first love and reviewing your videos made me realize just how much I still know and love the language and the culture of the people to whom I have known and loved to this day.

My dream is to learn the language better and someday travel to my daughter’s relatives who live in Dier Alla, Jordan. They are all very wonderful people! I have learned some dialect words of that region. I am Italian and desire to pass this beautiful language on to my daugher aisheh.
Thank you Maha for all you do.

Grazie, Thank you and Sukran,

First of all congratulations to you and your very successful site which I just happen to love and enjoy.

Anyway, Please tell me through e-mail response please a way that I, Vita, (female) can tell a man(my habibi) the following phrases in written form, and also how would I pronounce it correctly. In Arabic of course. Remember, female saying to a male.

I’ve missed you so much
I love you with all my heart and soul
Please, don’t ever leave me
Keep me in your heart for all eternity

Just these 4 phrases.

Thank you so much for your time! Insha Allah

Hi Maha.

I got in touch with the arabic language thanks to
youtube. Starting with turkish music I continued
exploring the whole middle east in reference to music.

Lebanese music can be great, by the way.
Whitney Houston, Madonna – whoever – you`ll dump
their music in the bin once you`ve heard arabic music
( or turkish / iranian music as well )

Especially Myriam Fares, who has become my
favorite singer – but also Suzan Tamim and, of course,
Maya Nasri. By the way : just enter Maya Nasri and
Hadi Khalil into youtube – it`s beautiful.

I believe, that the arabic language is ideally adapted
to be used for singing. It just sounds great. The range
of possible sounds is much wider than in other

So this is how you will sooner or later get in touch with
Maha learn arabic on youtube. You are doing a great job.
Even if only a few people will actually learn and speak
arabic in the end – your contribution will be to reduce
this fear and prejudice, that many people have been
developping since 2001.

Have you got any new jewels of arabic music for me, that I
possibly don`t know yet ? Yust give me three good
hints, please…


Hi Maha

I think you doing a great job by teaching Arabic. Your videos are easy to follow, have ideal length and help a lot.

I wanted to ask if you have / thought about creating a mobile learning package? Being busy person, I rarely find time to freeze n front of PC and learn language, however I can do that while commuting (which does take a lot of time in London).

Personally, I will be happy to pay for a course of arabic which will be (for example) videos formatted for Blackberry / iPhone (smaller in size and a bit lower quality) with a pocket size book of exercises so that I can watch videos and practice at the same time.

That will be a massive time saver and help.


تحية فلسطينية

الى مها يعقوب

عندما قراءة الخبر دخل الفرح والسرور الى قلبي , وعندما قرءة الاسم تبسم قلبي ,وعندما عرفت الجنسية …. قلت عاشت فلسطين
الى الامام فبيدك رسالة كبيرة كل فلسطين معكي .. يا اختاة

سوف اعمل على نشر الموقع في فلسطين

جهاد عطاطري

السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته مها أنا خالد من اليمن بس أعيش في كولومبيا و أنا كمان أعطي درس للغه العربيه هنا في كولومبيا لي إخواننا المسلمين هنا بس محتاج بعض المساعده له من الممكن أن تقديمها لي و جزاك الله خير بريدي الإلكتروني هوkha_lion@hotmail.com
يرجى التواصل معنا

Hi Maha,,

Just writing to encourage you, very useful and directed teaching 🙂

I speak and write Arabic, I live in Australia and heard about

you in Aljazeera, yalla all the best luck 😉

Thanks a lot, maha,

I would like to have your email to contact you personally, if possible.

مشکوراختی الحبیه مهامن دروسک للعربیه احسن طریقه انتخبت انا فی دروس للغه الانجلیزی لاحد الاساتذه من امریکا کنت دایماافکر فی موضوع دروس للغه العربیه الیوم حصلت الموضوع معک
اسدالله من کابل افغانستان

Hi Maha,
I am beginning to learn Hebrew. Thanks for your videos. It is hard to find free learning tools that are accurate. I just saw a video before yours and the woman pronounced many of the letters different from your way. I don’t think she is native but I will put the link and see if you can tell.

I want to learn the correct way to pronounce the letters and use their sounds, so I can have a good foundation.
Is there a way to connect to native speakers so that I can practice pronouncing their words? Also, in English we don’t roll our “R.” Do you have any advice on how to do this?
Thank you

To Jacob- As an Israeli(native Hebrew speaker) I can tell that Maha pronounce the letters accurately, as opposed to the narrator on Youtube video in your link.

To Maha- you are doing a great job with your lessons in both Arabic and Hebrew, thank you tode shukran.

To Jacob- As an Israeli(native Hebrew speaker) I can tell that Maha pronounce the letters accurately, as opposed to the narrator on Youtube video in your link.

To Maha- you are doing a great job with your lessons in both Arabic and Hebrew, thank you toda shukran.

Maha i love ur vids! i think its creepy how guys hit on you on this, and ask for personal email n stuff. but hey add me on msn if you want, we could chat soemtime;) haha jk jk

keep up the good work

Hi Maha! I was impressed with your YouTube. I just happen to see it today few minutes ago for the 1st time. I saved it, insallh, I will use your video. I just lesson 10- I need/want and you mentioned of Facebook. Can you direct me to it with a link. Do you ahve any material that I can use while I see your videos. If you have it, let me know, how I can get it. This is my dream to learn Arabic.

Hai Maha.

Really i don’t know what to say!! coz i don’t have anywords for praise you!! What an excellent job u are doing and what a great heart u have for teach others. one thing am sure no any teacher have this much students in this world.

Hi Maha,
I wanted to thank you for providing such simple lessons in arabic, which is very easy to comprehend even for me (Was a complete stranger to Arabic until recently). I do have a couple of books for arabic learning but if not for your lessons, I could never understand the actual pronunciation of the words.
Keep up the good work…min fadlik 🙂

Hello Maha,

I visited a number of different online resources, and yours is by far the best, simple, yet immensely sophisticated. It is an amazing method. It is also impressive and refreshing to see someone with such a gift for teaching. You are a great and inspiring role-model and your parents should be proud of you. Publish a book, get a talk-show on — get rich : ) Oprah did it, Maha can do it as well!

salam how are you hope you fine look i need arabic i m watching your videos i m in saudia pliz teache me 00966590216971 and i love arabic and i m hafiz quran hakeem good bye

Dear Maha, I very much appreciate your videos. they are most helpful, especially those with the Arabic writing and the transliteration. I will feel very confident when I arrive in your part of the world, and leave the ice and snow of my home here in Canada, Vancouver Island. Many Thanks

Hi Maha,
I’m Dennis, I’m from Canada! I’m a polyglot like you too. Ho deciso di imparare l’arabo standard, perche mi piace molto la musica araba. Hai msn, se l’hai, aggiungimi denisxia@hotmail.com, per cortesia.

Distanti Saluti

استاذه مها شكرا شكرا على الدورس الايطاليه
تعلمت الكثير وننتظر المزيد
انتي مبدعه , جزاك الله خير

نور بدر

Hi Maha

I gone through your you tube channel (Arabic lessons not Hebrew or German), which is very impressive.

I want to learn Arabic and French quickly. My native language is Urdu.

Do you think it is possible for me. As you know that Urdu is similar to Arabic, and most of the words are taken from Arabic in Urdu. Surprisingly some of the words are same in German taken in Urdu like “Ananas” Yani “Pineapple”. Thanks to Urdu part of “Indo-German Group”. “Ich kann deutsch”

Can you recommend any e-book for Arabic language or do you have any teacher’s guide to make this possible.

Thanks for your good work at You Tube.

How long I will take to learn both the languages. My target from today is one month. My first priority is Arabic then French.


good jub

I just want to thank you for very good and easy understandable arabic lessons 🙂 Im from Sweden and me and my friend really enjoy learning arabic with you! Hope to keep following your site with new videos, and I have a lot of training to do on my pronounciation 🙂

Best regards

hi maha my name is ines i from in tunisia i enjoy your lesson.thank you and good bye

Dear Maha

God Bless you, your parents and sister for such efforts; and maintain your energy to keep up with good works.

From Islamabad

Hi maha my name is Stephanie and I’m from Puerto Rico but I live at L.A. In fact I’m getting to know u cuss i’ve been trying to learn Arabic, but nothing helps then I found ur channel on youtube and it took me to your site. I like the way u teach cuss u make it fun

Hello Maha, we’re from Arabic Coach Company
we actually see all your activities on youtube channel and we want your email account ..

waiting your reply

Hi Maha ! I know you don’t want teach dialects but I think it’s very usefull for us,because peoples don’t speak fusha in the streets. 🙂
Please if you have little time make one video in palestinian dialect 🙂

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