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This is a trip where I take you to old Jaffa city and Tel-aviv.
hope you like it


This is the first lesson of a total of 10 conversational lessons, after which we are going to combine all sentences together and make a whole full conversation from them.
hope you like them. Maha:)

Every Easter we boil eggs and make a fight who breaks the eggs first. This symbolizes the rising of Christ from his tomb. so If I break Naghams egg, It means that I made Jesus rise and vice versa.
This Easter Nagham won, let’s hope I do next year. Happy Easter everybody!:)

You can find all my Hebrew lessons here:

 In the Arab World, we don’t celebrate it though. it is called all saints holidayعيد جميع القدّيسين (e’ed jamee’ al-qiddiseen)I tried to be the Cleopatra but as you can see I am not good in Makeup:) I’ll try better next Halloween!Enjoy it!KissesMaha